Answers to popular questions about hiring a hot tub

Can I hire a hot tub for just 1 or 2 days?

The simple answer is no. Because it can take 5-8 hours to heat the hot tub the minimum hire period we offer is 4 days.

Do I need to pay a deposit to book?

No deposit is required. You can pay for your hire package when we arrive on the delivery day.

Will you deliver to my address?

We deliver throughout Greater Manchester and Liverpool. The best way to find out whether we operate in your area is by clicking on our Delivery page.

Do I need a big garden to hire a hot tub?

Not at all. All our hot tubs require a flat, level garden space of at least 7ft by 7ft, which is around 2 x 2 meters. This can either be grass, decking or a patio.

What access is required to get the hot tub in my garden?

If you have a side entry around the house we need a width of 30 inches to transport the hot tub through into your back garden. For houses without external access, we can usually transport the hot tub through your house, subject to you having standard size doorways and minimal obstructions.

How do we fill the hot tub?

The hot tub can be either cold water or warm water filled. If you have an outside tap we will simply connect a hose and fill the tub. Don’t worry if you don’t have a garden tap, we’ll use an internal tap if not (kitchen or utility room for example).

After filling does it take long to heat up?

Filling with cold water it can take up to 5-8 hours to heat to the desired temperature. A hot water fill is naturally faster, usually 1-3 hours.

Do I have to heat it up each day?

No, we provide you with a thermal cover to keep it insulated when not in use and overnight. In order to maintain a constant temperature, the hot tub needs to be connected to a 13 amp electricity supply.

How dangerous are hot tubs?

Our hot tubs are high-quality devices and very safe to use. To counteract any potential threat of water and electricity, we supply a residual safety device (RCD). An RCD is a sensitive safety device that switches off electricity automatically to prevent the water from becoming electrified.

How will I know the water is safe?

Each hire receives a chemical and water testing kit. We’ll guide you through how to use these when we deliver the tub so you can make regular checks throughout your rental. If at any stage you’re unsure about the water quality, please contact us and we will provide the necessary assistance to ensure you can enjoy the hot tub safely.

Can anyone hire a hot tub?

If you’ve over 18, have a garden with a 7ft x 7ft flat area (slightly more than 2 x 2 meters), a standard cold water tap, and a standard 13 amp socket there is a 95% chance you can hire a hot tub. To check eligibility submit our contact form.

Will the hot tub have been cleaned after its last hire?

Yes. After we collect the tub from the hire it undergoes an extensive cleaning programme. Each member of our staff has undergone training from hot tub service experts at The entire surface of the tub will be cleansed and the filtration system will be sanitised. This level of cleaning is advised by the Health & Safety executive.

How many people can fit in the hot tubs at once?

Our hot tub provides enough space for 5/6 grown adults to bathe simultaneously. It’s the perfect size for any celebration.

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